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June 11th-13th 2018, 10:00 – 17:00 H
Location: Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus (, Hamburg-Blankenese
Instructor: Hans Ophuis / Kees Went
Working language: English
Tuition Fee: 900,00 € (incl. 19% Mwst./VAT)
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The workshop is intended for sound designers and sound artists as well as for architects, urban designers and city planners.
Sound in public space is often approached as annoyance that should be abated. Discussions about sound in our living environment tend to focus on the problematic and unwanted attributes, such as the noise of traffic and industry. Unconsciously sound can set the mood of a place and change its meaning. Architects and city planners, who are taught to design in the three dimensions of space, often forget about the notion that we move through space in the fourth dimension, that of time. Sound supports the perception and understanding of time in the environment. The visual impressions of a location are enhanced by acoustic clues and the awareness of adjacent spaces and events can only become apparent through sound.
Kees Went en Hans Ophuis consider urban sound design as a specific discipline that should be further developed within urban design. Instead of tackling the problems of noise, sound should rather be one of the design parameters.
Besides lectures on the theory and principles of urban sound, the program focuses on hands on experience with evaluation of the soundscape in natural and urban locations. During soundwalks both in the beautiful woods around Hamburg-Blankenese and in the hectic center of the city of Hamburg we will make recordings that will be analyzed and discussed. Participants will work in a small team on a design assignment that builds on the obtained knowledge.

We ask all participants to bring their own audio recording equipment.

Kees Went is composer and sound designer. He started his career as a visual artist. During his study at art school he was also active in music and he started to combine his visual output with sound and music. This was noticed by film makers around him and he was asked to produce music for their films too. During the following 35 years he worked on the sound and music for more than 400 media projects. Over 20 years he was employed as lecturer and researcher at the school of Music Technology and the school of Media at HKU (Utrecht University of the Arts), and at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Grongingen. After working with urban designers he developed an expertise in sound in public space. In this capacity he fullfilled urban sound design assignments and advised local and the national governments in the Netherlands.  He has been lecturing on this subject at home and abroad. 

Hans Ophuis is landscape architect and urban designer. He studied at Wageningen University and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  He worked at a variety of landscape and urban design firms in in Philadelphia and New York City, during which time he was responsible for some major restoration project of historic urban parks on the East Coast.  After his return to Holland he started as chief landscape architect at the urban planning department of the city of Rotterdam. In 2009 he founded NXTlandscapes – landscape architecture, urban design, regional planning in Rotterdam He has been teaching and lecturing at a number of educational institutions amongst which the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Wageningen University, the TU München and the Utrecht University of the Arts. One of his personal interests deals with the impact and perception of sound in public space. 

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