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June 9th/10th 2018, 10:00 – 17:00 H
Location: Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus (, Hamburg-Blankenese
Instructor: Elias Struck
Working language: English/German
Tuition Fee: 300,00 € (incl. 19% Mwst./VAT)
Flatrate: 1.800,00 € (incl. 19% Mwst./VAT)
(Any number of master classes, workshops, forums and special events)
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Sound. Design. Work. Shop. Let's play! We want to perceive, record, compose, invent, fool around and let our creativity run free.
The workshop is designed to show a variety of creating and designing sound audiovisual content.
The screening of existing work is booth loosening and a theoretical part in one. Examples of sound pieces in film, advertising and music are shown and spontaneously analyzed together.
The main part is practical. There are exercises on existing material, in which it is a question of complementing, expanding, or telling a whole new story. We create and produce audio logos, film intros, commercials and dramatic developments of film sequences with subsequent feedback from participants and lecturer.
There are many tips and tricks for recording, production, audio workstations, workflow, tools / plug-ins for sound manipulation, sound creation and dramaturgy.
There are answers to many questions. How do I make pictures exciting? How do I define a movie genre only by sound? How can I tell an additional story through sound design, make someone happy, confused, afraid or curios? How can I improve the original sound? What levels are important within a dramatic narrative? What is the relationship between sound editing, composition of film music and sound design? Are there any limits within the sound design? What is "Harmonic sound design"? How do I deal with directors? What are common production processes and how can I better integrate into them?
In addition there are a lot of stories from the practice and some anecdotes from the media business.
The limited number of participants ensures that each individual and the respective work can be dealt with in detail. Development guaranteed!
Workstations are provided, however, a laptop and software are welcome.

Elias Struck, has been concerned with questions of good sound for many years.
He studied audio engineering, was trained in the Loft Sound Studios, was a sound engineer and sound designer for various television channels. Since 2008 he has been co-owner, sound engineer and sound designer in the Tonfabrik in Berlin and produces and designs sound for advertising, film and music.
He is also a passionate sailor, vocal coach and lecturer for Pro Tools- and Sounddesign workshops.


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