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John Groves
From Pavlov’s Dog to Sound Branding
2011, 232 Seiten, Hardback
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Sound Branding is both old and new. It is so old that the church has it and so new that it has to be explained to virtually every marketing or brand manager. While brands have spent considerable sums of money on visual branding, they have sorely neglected the way they sound, becoming the victims of unsystematic, unstructured and almost random use of sound and music. However, Sound Branding can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of brand communications, through a structured process of developing, implementing and managing the sound and music that a brand uses for its communications. Music and sound can say so much. We can hear how someone is feeling – just by the sound of their voice. In a film, we can tell that there is someone hiding behind the curtain – with just one chord. ComMUSICation explains how to use sound as a communications tool for steering perception. John Groves, a Sound Branding consultant with a long track record as a composer of memorable melodies, tells of the birth of this relatively young industry. He shares personal experiences and anecdotes and tells us how music can be responsible for suicide, revolutions, and people paying more for a glass of wine, how it can make us laugh and cry and remember our first kiss as though it was just yesterday. ComMUSICation is a mix of cutting-edge scientific findings and one man’s analytic – and sometimes humorous – views, ending in a show-it-all walk-through of the structured system that is responsible for the sound of some of the world’s most prestigious brands. This book is a must-read for anyone involved in marketing, advertising, branding, music – in fact, for anyone who has ears!

John Groves is a composer, music producer and consultant on the use of sound and music in advertising and communications. In the early 1990s, he became one of the pioneers of Sound Branding, by developing a structured system for creating and implementing brand and corporate Sound Identities, which has provided the basis for what has become a market standard.
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