ASC MANUAL Vol.I+II (englisch)

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Stephen Burum (ASC)
Hollywood 2007, 9. Auflage, 480 + 464 Seiten, Paperback
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Volume One is the reference guide containing in-depth chapters by noted professionals such as “Framing for Television” by Dave Kenig; “Comparisons of 1.85, Anamorphic and Super 35 Film Formats” by Rob Hummel; “Anamorphic Cinematography” by John Hora, ASC; “Lenses by Iain Neil; “Motion-Control Cinematography” by Richard Edlund, ASC; “Aerial Cinematography” by Jon Kranhouse; “Underwater Cinematography” by Pete Romano, ASC; “Digital Postproduction for Film” by Bill Feightner and Robert L. Eicholz; “Shooting 16mm Color Negative for Blowup to 35mm” by Irwin Young, etc.

Volume Two is the field guide starts with camera section assembled by Jon Fauer, ASC and continues with all of the tables and charts for quick reference while working on the set.

Each book is 6” x 9” with over 400 pages. Each volume also contains the complete table of contents and index for both books for ease of use.

More than 30 new charts, including lighting intensities for more than 90 fixtures.
* A completely revised camera section, rewritten by Jon Fauer, ASC
* A new article on digital intermediates by Bill Feightner and Robert L. Eicholz of EFilm
* A new chapter on hanging miniatures by visual-effects wizard Dan Curry
* “Tak’s tips” from Panavision lens expert Tak Miyagishima
* The most extensive section yet on motion-picture formulas, written by Evans Wetmore, vice president of advanced engineering at 20th Century Fox
* A revised chapter on motion-control by visual-effects legend Richard Edlund, ASC, who has included the latest updates on digital technology

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