MSH MasterClass GameMusic: MERLIN GYÖRY

MSH MasterClass GameMusic: MERLIN GYÖRY

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MSH MasterClass GameMusic:
26. Juni – 28. Juni 2017, jeweils 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Location: Elsa-Brändström-Haus (, Hamburg-Blankenese
Leitung: Merlin Györy
Arbeitssprache: Englisch
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About the Class:
As composers and sound designers, we know creating audio for games is profoundly different from other media.  One main difference lies in their interactivity: the challenge is to use audio to move the player, not just emotionally, but also impacting their actions and choices. This makes game audio creation a complex puzzle, and a rewarding one, when done right.

This masterclass will be perfect for you if you are ready to take a journey into the ins and outs of crafting successful game audio.
Music and sound, it is often said, are like language. Just like with words, the context in which we use them defines their meaning and impact, how they will be received. Overlooking this fact is the most common downfall of audio in games. Our main focus in this masterclass will be on how to communicate with sound. We will tackle topics such as: finding the right vocabulary for our project, and avoiding typical mistakes such as overstating, or getting so caught up in our own perception of our music, that we fail to enhance the game’s story in the player’s mind.

To give you a clear, whole-system view of game audio, we will also look at the issue from multiple angles: from optimizing workflow to the state of the industry, from sound implementations techniques to basic human psychoacoustics.

The goal of the class is to go into such depth, that you will walk out with a firm understanding of the elements crucial to creating audio for games and interactive media- even though we’ll only be together for three days. As tricky and many-sided as game audio can be, I will do my best to fill your backpacks with as many tools to succeed in this journey, as you can carry.

Homework assignment for the MasterClass GameMusic:
Since we will be looking into the interactive element of music, you are asked to create two music loops, in two clearly distinguishable moods. Each of them should be approx. 1 minute long, and loop seamlessly.

Both musical pieces should be able to take over from the one playing, seamlessly, within 0.5 - 2 seconds and switch back, at ANY point in time. For example, the way the music changes in a game when you are exploring and then fight starts. Feel free to execute this in your DAW, middleware of choice, or game engine of choice. The settings, instrumentation and complexity, of your musical pieces is entirely up to you. Be creative, and focus on a functional result. Please prepare a short explanation of the kind of game and scenario you imagined for your work, and of your process. This homework will be discussed during the class.
Don't forget to have fun with this exercise!

Merlin Györy was born into music: growing up in his father’s production studio, he absorbed the ins and outs practically with his mother’s milk.
After many years traveling as an electronic music producer, living in cultural hubs such as Berlin and Toronto, he became hooked by the challenge and the magic of creating music and sound for video games and film. He brings to the table over 5 years of expertise as a composer and sound designer, with a deep dedication for commercial and indie games alike.

Merlin is a firm believer in the power of community. With this is mind, he founded the Game Audio meetup in Hamburg--a space for people who are passionate about games to deepen their understanding of the industry, make connections, and share insight. Through workshops, classes and events, he has been a very vocal educator, raising awareness about the power and impact of audio and music within creative productions.

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